Sheebah Parades Gigantic ‘Bean’ In Video Shoot

She is one of the craziest babes the music industry has ever had and she seems not about to stop anytime soon considering her latest footage.

Sheebah Parades her well wrapped eclipse
Sheebah Parades her well wrapped eclipse

Recently, she unleashed a huge, never seen before crotch that may see her being crowned as the queen of Kandahar city located in the southern territory.

In a photo that she posted early this week on her social media handles, Sheebah is seen seductively seated with her legs wide open, indicating some sexual tension in her body.

Along with other horn-inducing babes by her side, she seemed so comfortable parading her huge crotch in tiny pants even in company of fellow women.

According to sources, Sheebah was shooting her latest song Nipeyote, which is dominating social timelines.

This however is not surprising since she is capable of doing more crazy things—like having a threesome and licking fellow girls like Ice cream.

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