Sudhir’s Hotels Dominate UTB Accolades

Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia’s hotels have scooped most of the first batch of hotel star rating accolades organized by officials of the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB).
Speke Resort Division Manager , Ajit Singh (3rd-R)   receives 4 star award for resort from Uganda Touirsm Minister Maria   Mutabamba (2ndR) recently
Speke Resort Division Manager , Ajit Singh (3rd-R) receives 4 star award for resort from Uganda Touirsm Minister Maria Mutabamba (2ndR) recently
The rating which was based on the hotel standards set by East Africa Community right from Star 5 to star 2, was held last week at Munyonyo, Red pepper can reveal.
In Uganda, we have only three hotels that are ranked or accredited to a level of a five star Hotel. According to Tourism Minister, Maria Mutagamba, Munyonyo Commonwealth Hotel, is among them followed by Hotel Sheraton, and Kampala Serena Hotel, respectively.
Still among the hotels that were accredited to a Four star hotel standard, Sudhir’s Speke Resort Munyonyo, took the first position, followed by; Royal Suites, Hotel Africana, Protea Hotel, and  Imperial Royale.
In addition, Sudhir’s Kabira Country Club, was also named among the three star hotels in the country together with others which include; Fang Fang Hotel, Grand Imperial Hotel, Silver Spring Hotel, Sports View Hotel, Fairway Hotel, Ivy’s Hotel, and Mackinnon Suites, respectively.
Among the two start hotels, still, Sudhir’s Speke Hotel topped the list in the new UTB rankings, followed by; Mt Zion Hotel, Sky Hotel International, Metropol Hotel, Hotel Ureka and Suites, Shangrilla Hotel Kampala, Sir Jose Hotel, Hotel Ruch, Arch Apartments, and Hotel Triangle respectively.
Munyonyo Commonwealth Hotel General Manager, Greg Petzer who received the 5 star awards from Uganda Tourism Board on behalf of Sudhir and Room Division Manager, Ajit Singh receives who received the 4 star awards, attributed their victory to team work among the employees and good cooperation among st their guests.

2 thoughts on “Sudhir’s Hotels Dominate UTB Accolades

  1. STOP calling this man a DOCTOR. He has done nothing to earn this. He does not have a degree in medicine or earned a doctorate. Donating money to a third rate university to get a doctorate does not entitle an ex London matatu driver to put DR in front of his name.

  2. Not true at all. You cannot rate Uganda Hotels based on hotels centred around the CBD areas and suburbs. The Tourism Board needs to do more research in other areas within Uganda but away from CBD.
    It is indeed a good initiative to rate our Hotels and see how much we fair with other EA counterparts. Some hotel facilities are dilapidated and service/ Customer Care is wanting – Ugandan ad International business and leisure travelers who use these Hotels should be given an opportunity to rate these Hotels as done by Trip Advisor….then an opinion poll can be done by professional audit firms to ascertain rating. 5*, 4*, 3*, 2* etc.
    There are still better and beautiful hotels out there in Uganda that the Ministry and its official have not yet explored/ visited. Please take time to conduct a national hotel appraisal before coming up with “half baked” reports!!!!

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