Those who don’t support M7 in NRM have choice Now —Besigye

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) hopeful presidential flag bearer Rt. Dr. Col. Kizza Besigye has told people in Luweero that National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporters who don’t support Museveni have a choice now.

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“Some people have been saying that those NRM supporters on the fence would not support me. That they would support someone gentle. Those who don’t support Museveni in NRM have a candidate now. This needs discussion,” Besigye told Luweero residents yesterday while on his party consultative campaigns.

Mid June 2015, former prime minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi publicly declare his desire to contest as NRM flag bearer and National Chairman, position occupied by incumbent president.

Besigye narrated a story about how he was investigated for helping businesses evade tax charges when still working with Museveni instead of probing Salim Saleh who was bamboozling billions.

“There was a case where Museveni wrote a letter to the Army Commander to investigate that I had helped business to evade taxes. General Muntu investigated and didn’t find me guilty and he reported back.

Museveni wrote to John Patrick Amama Mbabazi who was minister then to investigate the same matter, he also found me innocent. Museveni again asked the Solicitor General to handle the same matter it was all in vain,” Besigye said

He added; “I told Museveni in a meeting that why do you investigate me for all these times yet there is a person here everybody knows is corrupt (Salim Saleh) but you can’t investigate him. Government of Uganda injected 72 Billion shilling in Uganda Commercial Bank and it was sold at 11 Billions.”

Besigye also informed Luweero residents that Museveni picked 2 trillion from the Bank of Uganda to buy the last general election declaring it as a situation that he will fight up to the end.

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