Tracing the Last Hours of Slain Sheikh Kirya

Muslim Cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya the Kibuli Muslim Spokesperson was yesterday night shot dead near Bweyogerere a Kampala suburb by unknown armed assailants who were riding on a motorcycle.

Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya was gunned down in Bweyogerere last night
Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya was gunned down in Bweyogerere last night

Red Pepper Online tracks how the slain Muslim cleric spent his time before meeting his creator.

This website understands that yesterday morning; Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya had a meeting at Rhidah hotel along Namilyango road in Seeta, Mukono District for over four hours.

He later went to bury his nephew in Nakifuma town Mukono district at around 11:00am.

He left the burial at around 3:30pm and headed to Kampala and the proceeded to Gayaza for a small meeting.

After the meeting in Gayaza, he drove to Nankulabye, a Kampala suburb and held a meeting with a yet to be identified lady. The meeting lasted for over two hours.

He later broke the fast at one of the mosques around Ring Road, Old Kampala at around 7pm.

At around 9:30pm he offered to drop his body guard who stays at the Police barracks in Kireka, a Kampala suburb.

He then chose to drive home and it is at Bweyogere, a Kampala suburb where he was attacked and shot dead.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says that the assailants used a security lapse to execute their mission.

“This shows that for all this time he has been trailed and the thugs who carried out this attack took the advantage of the 30 minute security lapse where he was by himself and in a vulnerable situation,” Enanga explained to Journalists at the crime scene yesterday evening adding that; “This shows that the threats against the Sheiks are still there and their enemies are still there.”

Enanga also conveyed police condolences to the family, Muslim fraternity and the country at large.

“We have lost Sheik kirya Hassan, he has been one of the prominent Sheiks in the Muslim community and we want first of all send our utmost condolences to his closest family, the Muslim fraternity and to the public at large.”

“It’s true that he has been shot dead, at Bweyogerere where we are and the body has been transferred to Mulago hospital however, arrangements are there for him to be shifted to Kibuli.”

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