Victoria University Announces Top Contestants In The S.6 Vacists Challenge

Victoria University Faculty Coordinator of ICT ,Mr Max Byamukama today announced the top contestants in the vacists challenge.

Victoria University

In a bid to open up the university to the general public a Vacist’s Challenge was launched. It is dubbed “Social Media: Beneficial or Harmful”. The challenge will end with an Open debate to crown the winners on Saturday 25th July 2015.

Students from over 35 Schools participated in the challenge and there was enthusiasm as the results were announced. Now they are ready for the big day Open day at Victoria Towers “25TH JULY 2015 “ from 10am to 4PM. Parents, students from participating schools, actual contestants And the general public are all invited. There will also be on spot admissions to the university, meeting with faculty to mention but afew.

Objective of the Challenge:

  • Social Media platforms most especially WhatsApp, Facebook, You Tube are at the crux and now fully part of lives of Teenagers and Adults alike. Being the best private University in Uganda providing quality education in the Country, Victoria University has taken the initiative to explore and educate young people about the benefits and dangers of Social Media platforms.
  • The S.6 Vacists bundled up in 6 Groups with each group consisting of 10 Debaters per Group will deliberate, dispute, argue and question how helpful Social Media is; How harmful it is and ensure ti include WhatsApp and Facebook; Does Social Media increase social interaction & connections? Are Social networking sites disasters spoiling our Children and nothing more than tools for Narcissists & Internet Trolls? Are Social networking sites really destroying natural and healthy interpersonal relationships? Are they an Infiltration of security? Will Social Media break-up Families? Such are the issues.
  • For the S.6 Vacationists ready for University, the battle ground is set at Victoria University Kampala Students Arena to showcase their skill-set and ability to muster strong competition and articulate their ideas. Registration is Free. Vacists are welcome to participate for free; slug it out with the best in this “Ultimate Social Media Debate Showdown” on Saturday 25th July 2015.

About the Challenge:

  • Registration was done from (29th June 2015) to 10th July 2015.
  • There are Top Cash Prizes for group Winners! Phones, Gift Hampers & many more!
  • Closing Date for Participation was 10th July 2015

The climax

The competition shall be climaxed during the Open day and a team of Credible and Intelligent Judges led by the VU Faculty Coordinator of ICT will be present on 25th July 2015.

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