Youth Beg Mbabazi To Stand as An Independent Candidate

A group of youth led by Jannette Mugisha has started an online petition requesting Mbabazi to contest as an independent candidate in the 2016 presidential polls, meaning Mbabazi should leave National Resistance Movement (NRM).

mbabazi supporters

The petition created yesterday is gathering signatures which will force former prime minister to contest as an independent.

“We the supporters, implore you to go independent because NRM party you help create is a ship which has veered off course, the rules and regulations set in place are mere obstacles to your aspirations and intended to eliminate you on technicalities,” A letter directed to Amama Mbabazi attached to the petition reads.

The letter added; “Therefore we your valued supporters oppose those undemocratic and rudimentary tactics being employed behind the scenes to deny you a chance to lead the party.”

The youth argue that NRM party organs are operating in unethical fashion to systematically eliminate Mbabazi from the race, which is contrary to the party constitution.

In the letter, the youth argue that Mbabazi won’t have time to seek legal redress in October as NRM flag bearer if he is not satisfied with the outcomes.

“The National conference has been scheduled for 2nd October. This is a Friday. If you are voted out, the voting shall happen at the end of the day hence you will not be able to file any challenge in court. This is to avoid the kind of situation where Ruhinda Magulu had enough time to take Mr. Museveni to court and a consent judgment was made to enable Mr. Museveni stand on the NRM ticket.”

This will mean that anyone interested in standing would technically not be able to seek redress since National Nominations for NRM will be done on Monday, the 5th October, 2015.

On Thursday, Mbabazi went to NRM party head quarters in Kyadondo where he disagreed with Electoral Commission chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi on party regulations.

He wanted to be furnished with party regulations which will guide NRM in the flag bearer polls, a demand which Tanga dismissed.

He told Mbabazi to first pay 20 million for nomination forms before receiving party regulations.

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