22 NRM MPS Probed Over Forged Academic Papers

By the end of last week, a total of 24 NRM parliamentary aspirants including ministers and members of parliament had been placed under a tight watch on allegations of forging academic papers.

NRM EC Boss Dr. Tanga Odoi
NRM EC Boss Dr. Tanga Odoi

The list of these forging giants is soon getting exposed and will be to be arrested at NRM EC offices after thorough investigations.

This came to light when aspirants started returning forms which were given to them recently.

The aspirants including ministers, MPs and their incoming opponents were returning forms [Expression of Interest forms] together with their certified academic documents.

This exercise ends on August 20. Those who return the forms are given nomination forms to go and collect 20 signatures before returning the forms at a later date the EC is yet to set.

However, as the returning of the EI forms started, in a few hours, 22 complaints against 22 aspirants’ papers most of whom are sitting MPs had been registered.

The party’s EC boss Tanga Odoi has since forwarded the list of complaints to the party’s set of lawyers to scrutinize them before prescribing a punishment to the accused.

Odoi said one of the punishments to the accused will be sending them to jail for forging academic papers.

“So far, 22 complaints against some aspirants have been received. People are accusing some of the aspirants of lack of requisite education. We told all aspirants to bring here certified copies of their papers by UNEB and those found giving forgeries are going to be embarrassed here. We are going to arrest them,” he said

He added that; “those who graduated at Nasser road schools please don’t even waste our time to come here. We have a team of 17 lawyers and 5 experts in education. They are going to scrutinize everyone’s papers in this period. There is no escape route. You either have papers or you quit.”

On top of that, the EC had also started investigations into reports that four people participated in picking forms without having resigned their jobs.

These are going to be disqualified on technical grounds of failure to resign their government jobs.

“They won’t get nominated if they didn’t resign. We can’t do anything contrary to the national law,” he said.

Odoi also used this briefing to reveal the hell he is going through as NRM EC boss.

He said for the last seven months he has served in NRM, he has answered more questions than those he answered for the 25years he has been in Makerere University.

“I have met super candidates in NRM who think they can bulldoze anyone. They think they own the party. But now, these big people are getting down. They are reducing to rags. They are realizing that the party is like a forest. It has both old and young trees. There is no forest called one tree. A forest is so, because there are trees,” he said in what seemed to be an attack on trade and industry minister Amelia Kyambadde.

By press time, several aspirants had returned forms. These included Atukunda Victoria Abegil [Kabale], Sam Kutesa [Mawogola north] Karooro Okurut [Bushenyi], Hamson Obua [Ajuri], Moses Ali [East Moyo, Peter Magomu Mashate  [Bungokho north], POlivia Kabale [Iganga], Okorimoi Janet, Charles Bakabulindi [workers], Teo Sentongo [workers], Aifa Kawooya [Sembabule], Gabriel Ajedra [Arua municipality], among others.


Meanwhile, the early hours at the EC were chaotic.

Ministers tried to force themselves into the fence cruising their cars but met strong resistance.

Minister Moses Ali came in and refused to jump out of his V8 only to be squeezed by cops around.

When news of Ali’s resistance reached Tanga, the man from Budama bit his jaws and started quizzing the four-star general who had overpowered the cops at the gate.

A verbal exchange ensued between Tanga and Ali.

“Obey the rules” Odoi asked Ali [telling him to leave the car outside] to which Ali retorted ‘Am I not obeying the rules? This angered Odoi who went native with Ali telling him that ‘you are lame’

“Are you the one who made me lame? Ali retorted to which Odoi responded saying ‘what’s the use of that stick [walking stick] if you are not lame?”

Ali said that he uses the stick as support because he is ‘disabled’.

The situation normalized when Odoi calmed down and started defending Ali calling him an elder who needs to be allowed to come with his car due to his age and mobility problems.

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