Bebe Cool ‘Fingers’ Dancer on Stage

Revelers at Satellite beach Mukono were treated to free drama when singer Bebe Cool nearly dipped his fingers into a mystery babe.

Bebe Cool at it on stage

After giving the crowd a fair performance, Bebe got bombarded by a skimpy dressed babe who had all her butt cheeks and thighland on display.

The already smitten ‘Byebyo’ singer couldn’t resist the opportunity and attempted to finger the dancing chic on stage, but she walked away.

He was seen tapping her wiggly but sizeable butt, in what was interpreted by our snoops as an action done under the influence of flesh.

Later on, another babe in a dress also stormed the stage, and did all the possible dirty dancing, until Bebe got close and spanked her booty as the crowd cheered on.

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