Curvaceous Meva Dumps Lover

Looks like curvaceous and gorgeous budding singer Meva Gatoto is parting ways with her longtime lover only identified as Gideon.

Sexy Meva

According to sources, Meva who is a household name in Mbarara dumped Gideon accusing him of cheating on her.

Two months back, it was reported that Meva had relocated from Mbarara to Kampala hoping to further her singing career.

She has been staying in Bugolobi for the past two months.

It is said that Gideon saw this as an opportunity to spread his wings and other babes’ legs as he has been spotted hobnobbing with several babes in the area.

Meva was informed of Gideon’s unbecoming infidelity antics by one of her close pals.

We are told that without informing him, Meva boarded the first and fastest bus to the land of milk and honey last weekend where she is said to have nabbed Gideon red handed with another yet to be identified babe.

“Meva immediately ended the romance despite his pleas for a second chance. She returned to Kampala and is said to be nursing a broken heart,” reveals a close pal.

Meva and Gideon had been together for about two years.

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