Dating In Uganda Goes Digital

“You should visit the if you’re ready to, first off, share an experience that will change your life… and if you’re serious about meeting somebody,” says Dr. Deo Musiige, Ph.D, the founder of, an online dating site in Uganda.

Deo Musiige, the founder of

With the rapid growth of technology and internet usage in the country, online dating is one of the latest services that Ugandans have started taking seriously with many seeing it at an opportunity to break through.

Musiige says that is the only dating website in Uganda with legitimate profiles of individuals who are looking for serious relationships, having a great time and with this, everybody that comes on to at least walk away saying, ‘That was worth me sacrificing time out of my life.’

Talking more on legitimate profiles, he revealed that 35% of the members on eampenzi are at campus and the rest is working class with genuine jobs.

“We are having a huge number of Ugandans clients living in the diaspora and many have sent us messages saying that it’s God’s gift to the diaspora given that many have had bad experiences when they on holidays meet women/men in social places in kampala,” said Musiige is a system whereby individuals can find and contact each other over the Internet to arrange a date, usually with the objective of developing a personal, romantic, or sexual relationship that eventually leads to marriage.

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