August 10, 2015

Delhi Public Int. School Digitizes Curriculum To Revolutionalize Uganda’s Education System

Uganda has become the first East African country to adopt the system of using digitized classrooms, right from kindergarten to Secondary levels.

A teacher at DPIS in a digitized classroom
A teacher at DPIS in a digitized classroom


Since the system is not pocket-friendly for anyone to use, tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia’s Delhi Public International School (DPIS) is now the role model and the only one in the region. The School’s Principal, Mary Jacob told Red Pepper that they decided to resort to a digitized curriculum other than using chalks and black-board because it is the recent development that many advanced countries have adopted.

She added that though it is a bit expensive, a digitized curriculum has enabled their children get exposed to the present advanced technology as it the case with the modern world.
“This style of teaching is applicable using both; 2D and 3D audio and visual curriculum software. Under this method of teaching, children can easily remain focused since all the information regarding any topic, get displayed on the big screens inside the class room for their brain to master,” Jacob said, adding, “Because of its simplicity, many children have become more interested in it as well as their teachers. In Asia, India’s first class schools adopted it first after copying their counterparts in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, among others.”

Mary Jacob, the Principal, Delhi Public International School
Mary Jacob, the Principal, Delhi Public International School

Why Digital Curriculum?
She explained that with digitized curriculum, their teachers save time whereby they remove speculation games from their menu, customize on professional development and in a short time teach resourceful things to children. She however clarified that during examination period, this system is not used.
DPIS gained more strength when it merged with the formerly Nakasero road based Indian International School (IIS). This was spearheaded by Girish Nair, who willingly sold IIS to Sudhir. After its takeover, Sudhir declared that, all the pupils and students who were attaining their education at IIS including their teachers had become one under DPIS management. Unlike the local schools, at DPIS, children follow the Central Board Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum. They are taught examinable subjects including; Communicative English, Second Language – Hind and French in all classes above Prep and Hindi / French in classes IX and X, Environmental Science (EVS), General Science III and above, Social Science III and above, Art and Craft till class X, Music (Folk, Classical, Western Classical) till class X and Dance (Indian, Folk, Classical, Western) among others.

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