Desire Luzinda’s Shocking Photo Leaks

Over the weekend, water-logged and rear queen Desire Luzinda reportedly celebrated her 25th birthday again…..Well who saw this coming?

luzinda shock

Well whatever her reasons for hiding age are, we don’t really know but we have landed on a shocking picture of the ‘Ekitone’ singer from her childhood.

In the photo, Desire Luzinda is seen chilling with her friends at school which according to sources is Buganda Road primary School.

In this picture, which was taken in 1985, Desire looks to have been around 10-11 years considering the fact that the uniform she was putting on, is for only candidates and sub-candidates.

Therefore, if we do quick mathematics, Desire Luzinda could be around 40 years though she decides to stay 25 forever.

For the time she has been around the scene, Desire has swallowed a big number of men, which according to sources; she could have lost count as well.

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