I’m not pregnant — Miss Uganda

From around Wednesday, there has been a rumor circulating on blogs and social media that the newly crowned Miss Uganda Nakiyaga Zahara Muhammed had swallowed a live leg.


Our snoops reached out to the beauty queen for an exclusive encounter, in which she denied being pregnant.

For starters, the rumor started circulating when she posted photos of herself at Serena Hotel, while attending the launch of ‘A piece of cake’ book.

In the photo, her tummy looked unusually bulged, which sparked off claims that she had conceded a live penalty, we don’t know from who.

However, Zahara told our snoop that she is not pregnant, but rather had a wardrobe malfunction and a bad day.

“The photo? Oooh the one about me being pregnant? Those that know me,  that see me personally! I am not!!,” she said when asked about the photo.

“You should see me in a bikini!” she jokingly told our snoop. “Just people trying to exaggerate things! That is facebook for you! Even tomorrow, they will have something to write,”.

It should be noted that since her crowning, Zahara has been quite here and there, mostly in charity errands.

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