Jazmine Crushes On Maurice Kirya

It is no secret that soul singer Maurice Kirya is a ladies’ man thanks to his good looks and down to earth personality.

lady jaz

It is no surprise that many babes in town are dying to have a piece of him or his DNA.

Team No Sleep singer Lydia Jazmine is the latest of the legion of babes to reveal that she has a crush on the ‘Busabala’ singer.

The sexy Jazmine a few days ago revealed how Maurice Kirya is her crush on her Facebook wall.

This was after she forgot to make him her Man Crush Monday’ the previous day. “@mauricekirya…missed crush Monday’s n today I dnt wanna miss out! He is such a handsome talented soul! I love his music and way of conduct* cheers to u my friend…keep feedin our souls,” Jazmine posted.

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