Jobless Brotherhood Member Drops Two Piglets At Parliament

A yet to be identified members of Jobless brotherhood today morning dropped two piglets painted in yellow at parliament protesting the legislature’s reckless spending, Constitutional Amendment Bill passed recently and government failure to create jobs.


The Jobless brotherhood member also left behind a letter dated 19th of August, 2015 addressed to government detailing the group’s frustration at its deeds.

“We take recognition of all your financial problems as youth of this nation.  It is in this regard that you forcefully bought monster vehicles worth 103 million each, I-pads, fancy parliamentary parking of 36 billion, 6 billion of useless sole candidature projects and most recently 100 million each in disguise of fuel allowance arrears,” part of the letter reads.

“In doing so, we thought that you M-pigs and Mr. Museveni would have some sense of humour and give us what we deserve as youth and citizens of this nation. We need jobs not creation of constituency as you have decided to.

In your reasoning you have decided to add extra burden of at least 60 billion which is expected to facilitate extra 46 M-pigs in terms of salaries and allowances yet this very amount could create thousands of jobs for us as youth.”

The group also pinned the parliament on failure to pass electoral reforms as per the citizens of Uganda which would enable free and fair elections not “mere elections.”

In June 2014, youth on belonging to jobless brotherhood beat Parliament security and pulled two piglets that were painted in yellow, dropped them in the parking area of the House to stage an anti-corruption demonstration at Parliament.

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