Leone Island Singer Parades ‘Ancestor’ As Lover

Wonders will never cease to happen provided Ugandan men still have the love for VISAs and Leone Island backup singer Guvnor Ace is a living testimony.

Guvnor Ace with his lover
Guvnor Ace with his lover

Late last week, the singer shocked his pals when he revealed on his Facebook timeline that he had gone to the airport to pick his better half though our snoops have identified her as someone fit to be his grandmother and social media commentators have revealed that  she is his ancestor.

Apparently, this guy is in love with this aged white woman, but there has erupted a public outcry claiming that this is not love but foolery and maybe the love for money.

There have been photos circulating on social media of the couple hanging out together, attempting to swap saliva, but clearly, this guy is also disgusted.


Fans have been overheard wondering how his ancestor can perform conjugal duties with the weak-looking back of hers.


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