M7 Tips Kayihura on Defence Job

The commander in chief of all armed forces Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni early this week summoned all the members of high command at UPDF head offices in Mbuya  to discuss security issues of the country ahead of 20126 presidential elections.

President Musevini decorating the IGP Kayihura (File Photo)
President Musevini decorating the IGP Kayihura (File Photo)

A close source within security circles who talked to this reporter on condition of anonymity, narrated that while in the meeting, the commander in chief suggested some few changes in the ministry of defence and the office of the Prime Minister where his competitor in the presidential race Amama Mbabazi previously occupied.

According to the inside source ,  the current Inspector general of police Gen Kale Kayihura while in the meeting was tipped to go and prepare himself as the new minister for defense .

Gen Kale Kayihura is the longest serving IGP since 2006.

The source also narrated to this reporter that the current IGP will be replaced by Brig Peter Lokeki who is currently the Military attaché to the United States of America (USA).

Brig Peter Lokeki was once in Somalia as contingent commander of UGOBAG.

“Brig Peter Lokeki has been a good commander and has obtained necessary experience in security monitoring and evaluation and therefore he is able enough to take over the newly suggested office,” source quoted one of the high ranking officers in the meeting.

Brig Peter Lokeki is expected to be in Uganda very soon as he prepares to take over the newly suggested office.

Meanwhile the commander in chief also suggested other changes in the office of the Prime Minister where the current minister for Defence Hon Crispus Kiyonga will join the office as the first deputy Prime Minister, Col Baguma Mugume, a specialist in finance issues and the current chief control of finance in UPDF will be the permanent secretary for Ministry of Defence replacing Mrs. Rosette Byengoma.

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