M7 To Buy Buses For Taxi Drivers

President Yoweri Museveni has said that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Government will work out a system to fund the Kampala Taxi Drivers group in order to enable them purchase buses.

sevo and taxi guys


The President made these comments recently at State House Entebbe when he met a delegation of 2,300 Kampala Taxi Drivers.

“The Government is making plans to reduce vehicles in Kampala City. With the introduction of buses, we shall have fewer vehicles transporting more passengers,” he said.

He agreed with their request to be enabled to operate bigger vehicles so as to ensure a good transport service system in Kampala. He said that the move to fund and enable them operate buses, would protect their employment.

Regarding on levies exacted on them by Kampala Capital City Authorities (KCCA), President Museveni observed that taxi operators should be levied only once in a year.

He, therefore, directed that excess charges that are exacted on taxi drivers should stop.

He, likewise, said that the other Town Councils and Municipalities in the country should not exact extra fee charge on taxi operators.

President Museveni expressed concern over reports that some traffic Police officers have been in the habit of extorting money from taxi drivers.

He also called on them to provide evidence over allegations of them being tortured or mistreated by the Police and other related organs; adding that this would enable the Government to take appropriate action.

Turning to the issue of capitalizing the taxi drivers’ Savings and Credit Co-operative Organizations (SACCOs), the President assured them that the Government would work out modalities and means of funding their SACCOs.

He also informed them that there was a possibility of providing funds for one 60- seat bus for every stage at a cost of Shs. 300 million each, noting that the use of wide body vehicles was in line with the KCCA guidelines.

The Vice-Chairman of the Jinja Stage, Mr. Mohammed Mulindwa, requested the President to intervene and help stem the confusion and commotion that is being experienced in the taxi operation industry in the country.

He said that the Taxi Drivers Association has a 30,000-strong membership nationwide

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