Mbabazi Refunds NRM MP Aspirants’ Nomination Fees

Fired Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi is reported to have secretly refunded close to shs1.4bn to several NRM MP Aspirants.

mbabazi commands

This money was paid by aspirants to the NRM EC chairman Tanga Odoi when they went to pick forms for expression of interest to participate in primaries.

The sources said an estimated number of 650 aspirants have so far been refunded their fees they paid to the NRM EC.

We have exclusively learnt from our sources that several NRM MPs have been beneficiaries of this project and those who failed in NRM primaries in 2010.

Insiders told us that the plan to pay off these members started last week after Mbabazi declared that he would stand as an independent.

We were told that upon his declaration, Mbabazi tasked his sister in law Hope Mwesigye to reach out to several NRM aspirants but beginning with MP flops of 2010.

According to insiders, Hope contacted the MP flops and decided to form groups of six people who would be presented to Mbabazi in order to avoid detection.

Insiders told us that one of the female contestants in Namutumba district is actually the overall coordinator of this project for eastern Uganda.

The strategy was designed in a way that WhatsApp message platform will be used for communication so that security doesn’t pick their information.

“We understand Mbabazi is refunding money which contestants paid for nomination. Several of them have received this money secretly. It is a tight situation we are in as a party but we have no option. The man is pouring money as if he got a grant from World Bank,” top sources told us.

According to insiders, president Museveni’s main weakness is alleged failure to invest appropriately in elections.

Apparently, much as the president has money, he doesn’t know who should take it so that it is not stolen.

“Mbabazi knows where to invest. He is now contacting LC1s directly. This is where his money is going. He knows that even if you are an MP, it is the villagers who will vote for you or not. The president doesn’t seem to appreciate this fact. He is wasting money on top leaders like MPs and league leaders. These people don’t take the money but simply feast on it. Mbabazi has eliminated all these middle-men like leaders and he deals directly with villagers. It is a tricky situation for the president,” a senior source explained to us.

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