MPs Are Myopic— Mbabaali

Aspiring NRM vice chairman for central region Hajji Muyanja Mbabaali has described the 9th parliament as myopic.

Hajji Mbabaali Muyanja
Hajji Mbabaali Muyanja

Mbabaali has thus called for a constitutional review by the Constitutional Review Commission to allow the separation of parliament into two to pave way for creation of the House of Lord and House of Commons.

Addressing a press conference at Serena hotel, Mbabaali said that the current parliament is full of what he called job seekers who lack experience about the country’s past.

He said because of this, the members cannot appreciate situations in a strategic manner because they are shortsighted.

For example he castigated parliamentarians over their recent attack on president Museveni when he decided to send troops to South Sudan.

In so doing, Mbabaali said, the president was looking at saving and creating a bigger trade zone for Uganda in South Sudan; and that many Ugandans are being employed there now.

“Majority of the members in the 9th parliament are myopic as far as Uganda is concerned. We need people who are focused and can appreciate the history of this country, where it is so that they plan where it is going. This parliament has been a disappointment,” Mbabaali who says he is standing again for MP seat stated.

He qualified his opinion by stating that for the one year he spent in parliament; he encountered all sorts of members with different background where some were fresh from school while others were simply looking for a job.

“People today take parliament as a job. All job seekers want to go to parliament. Some go there to serve the nation but majority are job seekers,” he said.

Mbabaali added that several members are driven by the fact that parliament is full of freebies including a few millions given to members as salaries.

“For me I am a businessman with impeccable connections across the globe. I am an employer. I am not a job seeker. I just want to serve the people. This is why when I come to parliament; I must ensure that we get two houses. A house of lords and a house of commons,” he said.

In the House of Lords according to him, the senior citizens who have vast experience in the country’s past will sit there to plan for the country while freshers will sit in the House of Commons.

He said currently, under the current parliamentary arrangement, those with experience in Uganda’s affairs are mingled up with freshers who; unfortunately are the majority in parliament.

The freshers according to him require a lot of mentoring which takes like five years for them to start understanding where the country wants to go.

Mbabaali said that besides standing again for MP seat [Bukoto south], he also wants to dislodge Hajji Nadduli Abdu as NRM vice chairman for central region.

He has already picked forms and claims that he wants to fight poverty among people in his region.

He said NRM’s major problems currently are three which include lack of people who are dedicated to serve, committed to their work and also devote time/resources to serve the party.

Mbabaali said many people in NRM want to benefit from the party instead of funding it yet for him he has been doing this since 1995 to date even when he landed into political problems engineered from within his party in 2011.

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