Museveni Tips Ugandans On Living Healthy

President Museveni has tipped people of greater Bushenyi to observe proper nutrition and eat health food and many other ways of living a healthy life.

health living

“Observe proper nutrition by eating healthy food, immunization of children and other risky groups, observing proper personal hygiene and sleeping under treated mosquito nets among other things helps to prevent disease,” he told residents

Museveni was on Tuesday launching the new public health interventions aimed at taking health services to homes and communities and enabling them get prompt and quality health services.

The launch and roll out comprises of the Integrated Community Case Management (ICCM) of malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea, the Constituency Health Task Forces (CHTF), the Public Health Protocols (PHP) and the Home to Home, Door to door Integrated Testing for HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Hepatitis B and other selected None communicable diseases using Community Health extension workers at Sheema Stadium in Kabwohe, Sheema district.

The President said health means are crucial in avoiding sickness and that people need to be sensitized “on how much calories or starch they need and this information should be translated in local languages so that our people know how much they need,” Presidential Press Unit reported.

Museveni called on the Ministry of Health to sensitize the public on disease preventive methods and how to live healthy lifestyles saying that people need to be educated on how to avoid contracting preventable diseases.

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