Sucking Whopper Is So Simple—Cindy

She has been listed as the freest musician when it comes to discussing matters of sex and relationships and singer Cindy Sanyu is so ready to prove that.

Ex Blue 3 Singer Cindy Sanyu
Ex Blue 3 Singer Cindy Sanyu 

In a tweet that she made on Monday, Cindy was seen narrating her first experience while sucking a whopper.

“I never knew sucking a dick was so simple and cool I loved it” she tweeted, attracting various fans with different comments.

Apparently, the ‘Ndi Mukodo’ hit maker enjoyed having a machete in her mouth according to her tweet.

It is not clear whose whopper she sucked but whoever it was, he must have felt heaven on earth since she has big lips which according to sexperts are good for offering blow jobs.

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