Teachers to Undergo Compulsory HIV Test

The minister for education, science, technology and sports Maj. Jessica Alupo is working out modalities of how to form an Education field police unit to deal with randy teachers.

Education and Sports Minister Jessica Alupo
Education and Sports Minister Jessica Alupo

The minister also wants teachers to go for routine HIV test to ascertain their status.

This development comes after new research indicated that teachers have these days turned into sex monsters to the extent on shunning use of condoms.

It was reported that in every 100 male teachers in our communities, 20 of them are willing to offer sex in exchange for money and gifts.

Similarly, out of every 100 female teachers, 14 of them are willing to undress and offer sex in order to get these two items.

On top of that, in every 100 primary school teachers, 72 of them [married] are having external sex without condoms while in every 100 teachers in secondary schools [married], 81 of them also prefer live sex with their side dishes.

This was revealed last week in a meeting between education and sports ministry led by Maj. Jessica Alupo and MPs sitting on the parliamentary committee on education and sports headed by George Kwemara.

The committee was alarmed to hear that in latest research, it has been discovered that teachers; though they are supposed to propagate information related to HIV prevention, majority of them preach what they don’t practice. The minister attributed this to age, failure by teachers to marry and also indiscipline among some teachers.

“Why is it that teachers do not practice what they preach? They are the ones who are supposed to help our children understand more facts about HIV/AIDS, but it is shocking to see that they are the ones who turn against our children! Others are having multiple relationships. What is the problem?” Susan Amero asked.

“The ministry should come up with mechanisms to check the behavior of teachers. Any teacher who is alleged to have an affair with a student should have his or her contract terminated,” Yahaya Gudoi added.

It was at this point that Alupo unleashed fresh facts about teachers.

She said the sector has been alarmed by recent research indicating how teachers are living reckless lives to the extent of having multiple partners and above all, do not use condoms.

The minister said that the ministry was therefore scrutinizing numerous proposals one of which includes forming an education police force.

The force would according to the minister be charged with inspecting all schools, register complaints and also arrest any offending teachers and parents who refuse to take kids to school.

The minister added that there is also a proposal of subjecting teachers to forced HIV/AIDS testing to ascertain their status before being recruited into the school structure.

The tests will continue to be done routinely even after recruitment.

“Many proposals have been sent to us and are being studied to see how we can tame teachers. We put in place a teacher’s code of conduct. Some teachers have adhered to it others have not. These are the ones we are targeting. Some people have even proposed to us to come up with a policy obliging all teachers to be married after spending at most two years in service,” she said adding that the proposals are being studied.

In the research, it was indicated that those teachers who sleep with external partners without condoms are married.

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