Unanswered Questions at Guvnor Crime scene

The dreadful events that transpired at Industrial area based Guvnor discotheque on Sunday morning where a patron, Johnnie Ahimbisibwe was brutally murdered in a potential crime of passion and has since prompted national revulsion are not about to be forgotten.


But before the public can forget this incident, it is imperative to understand how a discotheque of such billing could not sniff the impeding fatality before it spiraled into a murder scene. Based in the Industrial area, Guvnor is arguably one of the best clubs in Uganda; it has been ranked number one by market research firms. It boasts of tidiness, great sound, good music and active and loyal staff among other perks. It is spacious with nice decor and well-lit bars and one of the best washrooms and above all, it has been considered to have reliable security as it has surveillance cameras almost every 10sq meters. With a camera to monitor every moment taking place among revelers, many questions linger as to why their opulent lobby has become a crime scene.


According to an eye witness account, Ivan and his wife Nina went to 40+ Club and later, Johnie stormed the place. It is said that Ivan escorted Nina to the toilets. He stayed outside while holding her drink as he waited for her to come out. On coming out, he found Johnnie standing adjacent to the toilets talking to one Hydery, a friend to the couple. It was at this moment that Nina ‘belittled’ Johnnie by asking Hydery ‘what he was doing with a loser’ (Johnnie). However, it is unclear what the confrontation was all about though sources claim it had everything to do with his (Johnnie’s) child. Claims are that Nina had blocked Johnnie from seeing his child and as a result, he (Johnnie) had ‘tried to use force at some point to access his child. “Such name calling forced Johnnie to fume and assure the couple before Nina slapped him. He retaliated by pouring his drink at her, with the glass hitting her before falling to the ground,” the eye witness said. This infuriated Ivan who was close to his wife and aimed a punch towards Johnnie that he dodged and the heavy golden watch that was clutched on Ivan’s wrist ripped through the left side of Johnnie’s neck, cutting the vein that carries blood from the heart to the brain. Minutes later, Johnnie was dead.


Previously, before Guvnor was set up, Angenoir discotheque which is the mother of all Charlie Lubega’s section of Clubs that included Ange-Mystique, Mystique and Mystique executive were closed to concentrate on the exclusive Guvnor with only two sections. Most of the bouncers were laid off and the club was left with a limited number of bouncers and emphasis was on having more CCTV cameras and hi-tech radio calls. The Club was left with only few selected bulge-chested bouncers who work closely using radio calls. It is therefore that when Ivan and Johnnie were involved in an altercation, there were no ready bouncers on site to stop them even before they started. Those who visited Angenoir those days will tell you that bouncers were always stationed at the washrooms since some patrons followed their victims to the seclusion of washrooms to attack them. Since Ivan and Johnnie’s altercation was around the washroom, a bouncer at hand would have calmed their tempers as soon as Nina slapped Johnnie.


We have learnt that as regulations by the security organs, top night spots are supposed to have two security personnel from the CID and a policeman on a single night of operation. However, we have learnt that Guvnor only decided to maintain three police officers who only remain outside. But previously, it had a CID officer who would be inside the club monitoring everything though we could not verify why they discarded the CID personnel.


There two people at the entrance; a female bouncer and a male bouncer who are responsible for check-ins and dress code regulations before one accesses the club. There two other people are in the Cash office who sells tickets and one is responsible to handle revelers who are armed by registering their ammunition(s) and lastly, a bouncer who receives the tickets and stamps the right of admission to partiers. This brings the total number of personnel manning the entrance of the club to five (5).


We have learnt that the club has only four bouncers handling security inside the two sections of the posh club. These four work closely using radio calls with each informing the other of any problem and the need for backup. It is revealed that at the very spot where last Sunday’s incident happened, there was a bouncer who shortly moved downstairs and only returned to a bloodied dance floor.

When Johnnie was struck and fell to the ground, he created commotion as some revelers started running out of the 40+ section. Alarmed by the mayhem, it impeded the bouncers’ speed to quickly rescue the injured victim. It became difficult for Johnnie to be taken out of the club since there was confusion with others suggesting the injured man be given first aid.


Guvnor as a night spot is believed to command one of the best CCTV surveillance in Kampala. However, we have learnt that each camera is positioned to monitor a given area in the club. Once an offence happens

Somewhere, it is possible that it could be missed by a particular camera which wasn’t ‘conditioned’ to capture it.


Meanwhile, in a shocking revelation, Ivan Kamyuka has admitted to using a broken glass to inflict heavy injuries on Johnnie Ahimbisibwe in Club Guvnor on Sunday that saw the latter bleed to death.

This is contained in a statement Kamyuka and his wife Nina recorded at Jinja Road Police Station on Monday morning.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, “Ivan (Kamyuka) says as a man, he had the right to defend his wife; that is how he picked a broken glass and hit Johnnie (Ahimbisibwe).”

The confession comes just hours after Ahimbisibwe’s horrified family members urged police to ensure justice prevails in the death of their beloved family member.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga told journalists earlier on Monday that Ahimbisibwe will face charges of murder and that CCTV footage from Club Guvnor had made their investigations much easier.

Onyango said the suspects in their statements told detectives that it was just like any other normal day that they decided to have some fun at Club Guvnor and that they didn’t know that Ahimbisibwe was at the nightspot.

“But after sometime, the couple saw the deceased with another person who is known to both parties. The suspects also know the person,” said Onyango. According to the statement, when the deceased saw Nina and Ahimbisibwe, he went straight to them and started abusing her.

“The lady didn’t reply but when he (Ahimbisibwe) saw that the lady was not responding he tried to push Ivan (Kamyuka),” Onyango revealed.

“He tried to hit Ivan (Kamyuka) with a glass but it instead hit the lady. Ivan says, as a man, he had the right to defend his wife, that is how he picked a broken glass and he hit Johnnie with it,” he added.


Onyango said Ahimbisibwe’s narrative matches with the CCTV footage.

“Everything is very clear in the CCTV footage,” assures Onyango, adding that Ahimbisibwe’s death has underscored the need for all social places in Uganda to install CCTV cameras as one way of combating crime.

“Had it not been for the CCTV cameras, detectives at Jinja Road Police Station would have struggled to obtain evidence to pin Kamyuka,” Onyango added. “We want to thank the club for installing the CCTV cameras; it has made our work very easy,” he said urging other clubs who have not installed the CCTV camera to do so. He further stated that the suspects would be taken for medical examinations “to find out the status of their mind.” Before concluding that what is left of the police is to record statements from a few witnesses although most of them (witnesses) have already done so.

It has emerged that Ivan was on Tuesday afternoon charged with murder and remanded to Luzira prison till 18th, August when his case will come up for mention.

Additional reporting by Haruna Naire 

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