UNLUCKY IN LOVE! Oimuke’s Ex-cougar Honest Dumped Again

With the rate at which she is struggling to sustain a romantic relationship, it wouldn’t be unfair to conclude that she is unlucky in love.

In tears, Honest
In tears, Honest

This is due to the fact that every young dude she hooks dumps her after squeezing a fortune out of her fat wallet.

Latest info is that Turkey based loaded cougar Honest Asiimwe is said to be nursing a broken heart after getting dumped by her lover William Bugeme.

Honest and Bugeme, a city party animal hooked up in 2013 and have a baby girl to show for their tubeless nocturnal sessions.

Honest is said to have been so happy that Bugeme had given her a child despite her advancing age and therefore spoiled him with all sorts of expensive gifts.

Sources reveal that when she flew to France before giving birth last year, Bugeme embarked on merry making and rampant partying with other city babes in Kampala.

Snoops have since learnt that Bugeme is secretly planning to wed another babe identified as Lina Sanga using the money he has been getting from Honest. Lina hails from DR Congo.

A close pal to Bugeme intimated that the dude has decided to marry a woman of his choice and age.

This has left Honest inconsolable as she has been trying to reconcile with Bugeme by promising him heaven on earth in vain.

William Bugeme
William Bugeme

It should be remembered that Honest was a long time sugar mum to WBS presenter Charles Oimuke.

However, when she flew him to Dubai for a romantic holiday, he ended up dumping her and eloped with another loaded babe.

It was upon Honest’s return to Kampala that she hooked Bugeme who offered her a shoulder to lean on.

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