You’re not our in-law; Kadaga blasts Mbabazi over Busoga Politics

Speaker of parliament Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga has warned presidential aspirant John Patrick Amama Mbabazi to distance himself from Busoga region in his bid win the region in the coming elections.

kadaga and mbabazi

Addressing media at parliament yesterday, Kadaga wondered why Mbabazi is sponsoring candidates to capture Busoga region.

“If you have an interest in Busoga, either you’re our in-law, or you have a clan in Busoga, or you own land in Busoga or you’re an investor in Busoga, and then have an interest in who represents Busoga,” an irritated Kadaga said referring to former Prime Minister Mbabazi.

She added; “but you’re coming from Kanungu to plant leaders, to fund them, to bring soldiers to campaign for them, I will continue talking about you and I have no regrets at all.”

In an audio clip that went viral on social media in July, Kadaga sent a stern warning to “Banyankole and Banyarwanda who have turned Uganda into an oligarchy.”

In the audio, she cited Mbabazi who Kadaga accused on travelling to Busoga at night to organize people to sand against her.

“He (Mbabazi) is from Kanungu or Burundi or Uganda,” Kadaga was quoted by local media adding; “but he comes at night, they never come during the day.”

In an interview with The Observer published on July 6th, Kadaga confirmed the social media audio recording as hers.

“Mbabazi has gone there [Kamuli] several times in the night. Have you ever seen me [Kadaga] in Kanungu [Amama’s home district] telling people not to elect either [Amama] Mbabazi or [Chris] Baryomunsi or [Elizabeth] Karungi? That is what we are talking about. People who are not residents, they are not our clansmen; they are not landowners in Busoga, why should they determine who comes to parliament from Busoga?” she told the Observer.

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