Zari blasts Ritah Kaggwa over flopped Pyjama party

All doesn’t seem so well between cross-border man-eater Zari Hassan and Facebook celeb Ritah Kaggwa, judging by their recent social media rants.

love kagwa

On Sunday morning, Zari treated her social media fans to a morning mockery post, projected towards Ritah Kaggwa over flopped Pyjama party.

She was seen trying to stress the fact that they are in totally different calibers when their respective parties—All white party and Pyjama party—are considered.

“Levels levels levels Miss piggy ndoza wafunye level. Mulekele awo okuwalampa abantu ababasinga,” literary meaning “Miss Piggy you have got your level, stop beefing with people better than you”

It should be noted that Ritah Kaggwa was ‘baptised’ Miss Piggy on social media for her unimpeded lip-size.

“I won’t say much, but karma serves you exactly what you deserve,” Zari mocked the self-proclaimed Facebook celeb

For starters, Ritah Kaggwa is the ex-lover to Radio consultant Joel Isabirye—who is now in the hands of a one Lillian Mukasa.

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