Zuena Uses Unborn Baby To Promote Bebe Cool’s Concert

Zuena Kirema is definitely one wife willing to do anything possible for her husband, be it involving her unborn baby in publicity stunt.


On Tuesday, Zuena took to her social media handles and posted a photo of her with writings on her tummy which read “Come and support my Dad….7th August, Serena hotel”

Various fans came out with mixed feelings at her post, but our snoops have developed distinct opinions on the post, with some claiming that it’s not appropriate to involve the unborn baby in concert promotion.

However, Zuena seems so unbothered about what other people think, since she is willing to do whatever it takes for her hubby.

Currently, the former TV host is in the US, where she went for delivery, but her social media is filled with photos of her chilling with fleshy friends.

A few days ago, she was seen hanging out with a very soupy babe who had all her juicy assets on display for whoever cared to see.

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