2016 FEVER!! I Control UPDF – Mbabazi Tells TDA

Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s secret files in The Democratic Alliance [TDA] have exclusively leaked to us.


The man from Kanungu according to our highly placed sources in TDA brags that he has a vast network within the security agencies including the UPDF.

On top of this, he claims according to insiders to have a vast network in the civil service and parliament.


For some time, the TDA had failed to get someone who it thinks has all it takes to challenge Museveni and also win state power.

The members of TDA thus fronted Mbabazi.

However, our sources assured us that Besigye lost out on the TDA backing because of three main reasons.

One was that during their discussions, TDA members asked both candidates on their ability to win Museveni.

It was here that Mbabazi camp assured the TDA members that the man from Kanungu is connected in all influential state systems including security agencies and civil service.

“Besigye has no team work. He thought that going to the people through protests was enough and he forgot that winning an election needs someone with a network. Besigye doesn’t have this network. Mbabazi told us [of course which we know] that he has a network in civil service, army, security agencies and parliament. But Besigye doesn’t have even all FDC MPs on his side. Out of 37 members, he has only three MPs,” sources told us.

Another reason for Besigye’s loss was because he allegedly failed to table before TDA a detailed plan on how he is going to guard his votes and also closing the gaps that led to his recent losses in elections.

The TDA members were concerned that when Besigye was asked to explain why he lost the last three elections, he allegedly claimed that his votes were rigged by Museveni.

“Besigye got three chances but he has been rigged out. He has not convinced us that if he is given a forth chance, he has closed the gaps [for rigging] and what new tricks he will use to win the election,” sources stated.

The third reason for Besigye’s failure to grab TDA flag was because he allegedly lacks resources.

On top of that, Besigye was accused of fermenting internal wrangles within opposition parties including FDC itself.

Those who sit on TDA claimed that when a particular political party refused to back him, he started wars within those parties hence disorganizing them by encouraging rebellions among its members.

It was reported that when Besigye fell out with Democratic Party, he fished out Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago while in Social Democratic Party, he fished out Kawempe mayor Munyagwa Serunga.

The same went to JEEMA, Federal Alliance and UPC.

Our sources told us that even with the FDC, the main stream leaders are silently backstabbing him.

And yet, for Amama, even when he was still prime minister, he was secretly courting some opposition groups a reason he has been able to get their support within no minute.

“Most people are tired. They want change. This change is needed not only in state house but also in opposition. People are looking for someone who is new to take on Museveni. Besigye has tried and people are now used to him that he cannot deliver the change they want,” sources stated.

In the same briefing to us, TDA claims that Besigye is predictable compared to Mbabazi.

We were told the recent Mbabazi tours in the east got both NRM and opposition by surprise and this convinced them that Mbabazi is a serious crowd puller.

“Mbabazi makes many surprises which makes him unique. No one even us [opposition] expected his crowds. Mbabazi crowds sent shivers to us in opposition and we are sure if police hadn’t interfered with the plan, more people were going to surrender NRM cards,” sources stated.

We have been informed that after the selection of a joint candidate, the TDA has coined plans to capture state power.

One of them is forming many deadly pressure groups.

Mbabazi is also reported to have stated that most of his backers in NRM who have accumulated a lot of wealth have allegedly cautioned him against using violence.

They fear that if he prepares youth psychologically for violent times, it will be difficult for him to govern the unruly country and also the violent youths might loot properties.

This is why Mbabazi even when he is confronted by police, he complies without causing violent scenes.

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