City model Goes Pantyless

By the time Jesus comes back, we may have little or no normal behavior judging from the current situation in the country.

Naked Nathaly with her sister

Over the weekend, men nearly suffered from groin martyrdom when a city model identified as Esther Nathaly unearthed what her undies have been holding.

According to our moles, this babe works with ACE models—a city modeling agency.

In company of an equally gorgeous sister, Nathaly posed for the cameras half naked, without any undies on her body, and nothing left for imagination.

In her black opened dress, she looked as comfortable as no one would expect, since her Benghazi was already screaming for help from the public.

Our snoops have taken it upon themselves to trail this hottie until we unearth more facts about her. We shall keep you posted.

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