Cranes Outclasses Masindi XI in the first regional tour

Masindi XI 0-6 Uganda Cranes

The Uganda Cranes put six goals past Masindi XI in a dazzling performance at the first regional tour that took place over the weekend in Masindi at Masindi stadium.

Uganda Cranes team
Uganda Cranes team

Airtel Uganda in partnership with FUFA and Nile Special, rolled out the national team’s regional tours aimed at reaching the grassroots fans and appreciating the regional local teams.

The regional tours comprise of a selected regional or local team playing against the Uganda Cranes in a friendly match.

The first regional game saw Uganda Cranes score six goals against Masindi XI who were unable to find the net against the Cranes defense.

Masindi XI was given a chance to go up against all the available Uganda Cranes team members as they played two separate teams from the national team.

Robert Sentongo, the stand in team captain for the first half, scored a brace as he led his side to a four goal lead in the first half of the game.

The second team led by Richard Kassaga sealed the win with two more goals in the second half.

Uganda Cranes captain, Robert Sentongo in action against Masindi XI
Uganda Cranes captain, Robert Sentongo in action against Masindi XI

The Tour that was done last year dubbed “Namutiima” will see Uganda Cranes do four regional tours in Masindi, Masaka, Arua and Kampala with two of these tours happening this year and the other two will take place next year.

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