I Will Continue Doing Ideological Mentorship-Rwabwogo

President Museveni’s in-law Odrek Rwabwogo who was dropped by National Resistance Movement (NRM) Central Executive Committee (CEC) last week from contesting for the party Western Uganda Vice chairman has promised to continue working to grow the party’s ideological mentorship.

Odrek Rwabwogo
Odrek Rwabwogo

In a statement released on Sunday, he said that he was disappointed by the party’s CEC decision by will abide by it.

“Yesterday we were in the middle of training session in Bushenyi I was called out to be told the news that our candidate has been withdrawn by the Central Executive Committee of the NRM. I would like to state that while we are disappointed by the party’s Central Executive Committee’s decision I bide by and accept it,” he said.

Rwabwogo said his campaign was premised on the need to strengthen NRM at grassroots by bringing ideological mentorship and taking more responsibility and authority of the party to the district.

“We are proud to state that we saw a glimmer of light while on the journey and we strongly believe that this work will continue because of the growing need for ideological mentorship among our structure to ultimately strengthen the party,” he added.

The decision to drop Rwabwogo over fired over inexperience left Matayo Kyaligonza as a sole candidate for the seat after Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister who was contesting for the same position bowed out of the race.

Kyaligonza has been the party western Uganda Vice Chairman since 2006, when NRM was registered as a political party.

Rwabwogo’s candidature has caused simmering within the party. In an interview with a local TV mid August, Kyaligonza had threatened to slap the president’s in-law.

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