ITEM! Curvy Alice, Promoter Sipapa Worryingly Close

All indications suggest that celebrated man eater who is also an events promoter Alice Namatovu is worryingly close to music promoter Ronald Sipapa.

Alice Namatovu
Alice Namatovu

According to sources, the two have been inseparable for the past three months, a thing that has made their pals believe they could be an item.

Curvy Alice and Sipapa are said to have gotten close when she was organizing a kickboxing event for her once kick boxer lover Umar Sematta.

Alice wanted help with funds and Sipapa was ready to give a hand.

However instead of the two working on the event, the pair started managing each other’s private lives.

Meanwhile, it is said that Alice and Sipapa are becoming closer each passing day, a thing that her on and off lover Sematta is against.

It should be noted that Sematta fathered Alice’s kid who recently passed on.

Sources reveal that Alice is a strategist who only dates city dudes who can further her special interests regarding money deals.

However, Sipapa has also been linked to various city babes including Serena Batta, Karo Sovie and Liane Nakaweesa whom he snatched from promoter Benon Kasenene.

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