Konshens’ Bearded Armpits Shock Nation

When one is a celebrity, fans always expect to see him or her in the cleanest and most inspiring in any way possible; however, this one seems not to be the case with Jamaican singer Konshens real name Garfield Spence.

Konshens parading his bushy armpit
Konshens parading his bushy armpit

While performing at Lugogo cricket Oval, Konshens couldn’t stop to swing his hands in the air; little knowing that he was exposing his untidy armpits.

Revelers who were near the stage were seen in utter shock wondering how a huge celebrity like him could fail to have personal advisors on such matters, or better still to be a responsible adult.

Some babes who were screaming on top of their voices urging Konshens to remove his shirt were left in unexplainable disappointment when they saw the bush he was harboring under his arms.

It’s not clear how the ‘we no worry’ hit maker manages to seduce various babes with such a forest on his body.

Nevertheless, he managed to put up an energetic performance of his most famous tracks off all time.

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