LEAKED!! M7 Secret Strategy To Reclaim Wakiso, Kampala Finalized

President Museveni has come up with a secret strategy to defeat the opposition in Kampala and neighboring districts.

President Museveni tries out a spear given to him by Kyamuhunga People's Savings and Credit in.Bushenyi on Thursday. PPU PHOTO
President Museveni 

In the plan, Museveni is mainly concentrating on key districts of Kampala and Wakiso where there are key government and state institutions.

In Wakiso for example, plot 1 [read state house-Entebbe] is located in this populous district but it is being led by opposition Democratic Party through Matia Lwanga Bwanika.

To make matters worse, even the area MP where state house is situated Muhamad Kawuma; the area MP is also DP.

This therefore makes Museveni a political squatter of sorts in this district.

And yet in Kampala where he has Nakasero state lodge, he neither claims it.

It is also under the leadership of opposition DP through Ssaalongo Erias Lukwago.

Our insiders told us that because the president anticipates chaos among opposition supporters who; after losing 2016 elections might take to the streets to repeat their walk to work, he wants the local leaders in these districts to be purely NRM so that they help him sweet talk people to abandon riots.

But in case the opposition remains in the leadership of these districts, it means they will be free to hold their riots in the name of monitoring the city as Lukwago initially did during those days of walk to work.

We have been informed that because of this, before going into Kampala, Museveni wants state house to be secure by ensuring that the LC5 chairman of Wakiso is NRM.

“Wakiso is vital in NRM politics. It houses state house and the sophiscated first Division [Kakiri barracks].

It cannot just be left without proper attention on the side of NRM.

These people [opposition] want to win the leadership of these districts so that they use these [leaders] as ring leaders of their planned riots.

It will become difficult for the state to stop them because they will claim that they are monitoring their districts.

This is what the Lord Mayor Lukwago has been doing and we had no proper means to stop him apart from using state apparatus. But legally, Lukwago couldn’t be stopped,” our sources explained.


To show his determination to reclaim Wakiso, Museveni a few days ago dispatched a team of operatives to go and sweet-talk NRM LC5 aspirants.

Museveni passed his wishes through NRM secretariat which also dispatched its team of operatives to meet the two NRM aspirants for LC5.

They include Jonah Nsubuga and Serunjogi Davidson.

These people according to our insiders held three meetings at International Hotel-Muyenga mediated by Mukasa Luutu, Samuel Lukanga and a one Brain Kasozi who is the campaign manager for Serunjogi.

It was after those three meetings that Serunjogi who was financially weak was persuaded to quit the race after wetting his beak with millions of shillings.

The man, according to our insiders first demanded for shs75m to quit the race but was later allegedly given shs65m.

Upon bagging that dime, Serunjogi and Jonah Nsubuga penned a MoU initiated by Luutu and Lukanga on July31/2015.

The MoU was to the effect that Serunjogi agreed to quit and become the campaign manager for Nsubuga.

“Both parties are strong NRM carders and have already picked nomination forms to contest as NRM flag bearers for the LCV chairperson in Wakiso district. Both parties have now agreed that in the spirit of strengthening NRM and to promote unity and cohesion among NRM supporters in Wakiso and to regain the LCV chairmanship in Wakiso, the second party [read Serunjogi] stands down in favor of the first party [read Nsubuga] and therefore not compete against him in the NRM primaries. The MoU has been made in the spirit of reconciliation, promoting unity and harmony in NRM,” the MoU obtained by Red Pepper reads in part.

As such, after this MoU, Serunjogi that very day penned a letter to NRM EC boss Tanga Odoi withdrawing his interest to contest for the NRM party primaries for Wakiso LCV slot.

“In the interest of harmony in my party, I have decided willingly without duress or coercion to step-down for Jonah Nsubuga whom I highly believe can compete favorably with candidates from the opposition,” the letter to Tanga by Serunjogi reads in parts.

Meanwhile, though the duo reached a deal, our sources tell us that none of them has gone to explain these developments to the NRM mobilisers.

As such, since they have disappeared together with NRM secretariat bosses from them, the mobilisers have resolved to front an independent against NRM Yonah Nsubuga.

Others have resolved to back an opposition candidate against NRM candidate.

Contacted for a comment, Luutu neither denied nor confirmed our story but he said NRM badly wants Wakiso back into its hands after Ian Kyeyune was kicked out by DP.

However, a big question that remains is whether Kyeyune will support Yonah who allegedly caused him political loss in 2011.

Kyeyune and Bukenya weren’t Seeing Eye to eye that time and Bukenya backed Nsubuga to fail Kyeyune who was later made an RDC for Wakiso.

Sources said he wanted to try his luck by standing against Medard Sseggona for Busiro east MP seat, but this too didn’t work out as the DP MP was seen as still strong.

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