M7 Dishes Out More Sacks Of Money To MPs

On Thursday last week, all roads for members of parliament both NRM and opposition led to president’s office at parliament.

Uganda President ; Yoweri Museveni
Uganda President ; Yoweri Museveni

They went there for yet another round of manna worth shs10m courtesy of Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.


Brig. Proscovia Nalweyiso assisted by one of the state house aides Musinguzi summoned members for this freebie.

But because opposition MPs feared being seen flocking Nalweyiso’s office, it was agreed that one of the staffs [names withheld] working in office of government chief whip be sent to collect these sucks belonging to the opposition MPs.

The sucks were then handed to opposition chief whip who distributed the money amongst opposition members but with each bagging 10m.

The NRM MPs got theirs from Musinguzi’s office.

This latest manna comes barely a month after the same members were given shs109m each and shs50m to NRM MPs for consultations.


We have exclusively established that president Museveni is willing to give out all coins in his pocket as long as rumors continue to circulate that his rival Amama Mbabazi is giving out money.

This, coupled with Mbabazi’s ongoing rallies, has allegedly forced the president to inject money in every leader who can help him demobilize people whenever Mbabazi is to make rallies.

By giving money to members, he wants them to reach the ground and help out Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde whom sources stated that he claims that his work is being sabotaged by some bosses at NRM secretariat.

“Tumukunde says he is being fought by NRM structures. He hasn’t gotten full control of the grassroots and he therefore needs to be assisted because the secretariat is frustrating him through structures,” sources told us.

Our sources told us that for the president to arrive at a decision to deploy Tumukunde in the NRM mobilization scheme, it followed an interaction the two principals allegedly had in which the president wanted to right away appoint him [Tumukunde] a police chief.

But Tumukunde allegedly posed a serious question to the Commander-in-Chief asking him whether he would grant him full powers over the entire current police built by Gen. Kale Kaihura.

It was explained that Tumukunde seemed to suggest that he needed to reorganize police and this would involve knifing of most cops.

“Would you give me full powers to axe these people [cops]?” our insiders told us.

However, Museveni brought in a new deal in which he told Tumukunde to be promoted but be retired so that he goes to full scale political mobilization.

Tumukunde opted for this and this culminated into his recent promotion and retirement from the armed forces.

But sources told us that the skillful retired general is being frustrated by some elements within the secretariat who allegedly do not want him to access the NRM structures.

Our insiders assured us that, the first assignment Tumukunde is supposed to deliver is that regarding former members of parliament in 8th parliament.

It was reported that Mbabazi, through his sister in law and former agriculture minister Hope Mwesigye Ruhindi has been contacting and seriously recruiting these members into his camp.

The recruitment is allegedly being coordinated by one of the former MPs of Namutumba district and they hold their meetings near the Nigerian embassy in Nakasero.

Upon learning of these clandestine moves, Museveni hurriedly deployed Tumukunde to bring back these members.

As such, a fort night ago, Tumukunde assisted by Brig. Nalweyiso and Mike Mukula met these members secretly at Kati Kati.

The meeting was meant to find out their stand politically.

In that meeting according to sources that attended, members demanded to know why president Museveni has to date neglected them and he is hobnobbing with current legislators whom they claim were brought to parliament by Mbabazi.

“He is busy giving these members millions of money almost on a weekly basis. He has never given us anything. We have been very patient with him because it is Mbabazi who rigged us out and brought his people to parliament. But it pains us when we see Museveni pumping millions in these people yet they support Mbabazi!,” sources in that meeting told us.

According to the members, Museveni promised Shs200m to be given to each of these failure MPs but to date, the dime has failed to come out.

However, they were allegedly assured that in two weeks’ time, this dime will be in their pockets.

“The president sent us a team of three officers led by Tumukunde but we told them what we feel. The fact is that most of us are bitter and may soon defect. It is sad for the president to keep giving these people money yet they are not on the ground. What he should know is that Mbabazi is deeply rooted in their constituencies that are why he is getting those crowds,” insiders assured us.

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