M7 Rejects Rwabwogo’s Nomination

National Resistance Movement (NRM) Central Executive Committee led by president Museveni has rejected the nomination of Odrek Rwabwogo, President Museveni’s son-in-law who was bracing up for the position of NRM Vice chairman for Western Uganda.

Odrek Rwabwogo
Odrek Rwabwogo

The decision was unanimously agreed on Friday evening at a meeting held at state house, Entebbe, sources revealed.

Rwabwogo was fired over inexperience. The decision left Matayo Kyaligonza as a sole candidate for the seat after Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister, Kahinda Otafiire who was contesting for the same position bowed out of the race.

Kyaligonza has been the party western Uganda Vice Chairman since 2006, when NRM was registered as a political party.

In an interview on a local TV, Kyaligonza was in August quoted saying that youth like Rwabwogo should start by contesting at lower levels like LC-1, LC-2 up to the highest office.

“Youths shouldn’t think that they will start with wanting to be president.  Let them start at the LC-I then we see how they behave. But when you say that the old guard are “bazeeyi” [old] and they don’t know what they are saying then we shall have problems. I think he [Rwabwogo] should start at least with LC-II and then LC-III then we shall see his potential,” he said.

Other axed contestants included Hakim Lukenge who was vying for the position of National Vice-Chairperson, a position currently held by Moses Kigongo and Jefu Rwakanuma who was also eying Kyaligonza’s seat.

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