No One Is Bonking Me—Winnie Nwagi

Winnie Nwagi has been in the entertainment industry for a short time but the remarkable impact she has on the fans is beyond human description.


She has been branded the booty queen, sex goddess among others, all because of her soupy look.

She has blessed the screens, radio airwaves and other media outlets with her soothing love melodies well knit in Luganda.

Red Pepper’s Solomon Businge grilled her over several issues like career, sex and social life.

How would you describe Winnie Nwagi?

Well, Winnie Nwagi is a new artist in the music industry.

I started my music journey 5 years back until i joined the Coca Cola Rated Next competition last year, that was season 2 and  from the competition, I came second runner up and also got signed to Swangz Avenue..

How was your journey to fame like? Smooth ride or a bumpy ride?

Uumm, it can never be easy because there are always so many challenges.

So I faced so many challenges but God just took over and held my hand


How many songs do you have so far?

I have many songs but only 4 songs are out now and among those are Embeera which was my first single, then Gwenoonya, katono katono and kyowulila which is the latest now

We’ve not seen you doing many collabos, why is that so?

Haha….at the moment, I don’t have many collabos but at least I have done 2.

One with Khalifa Aganaga (GOOGO) and another one with King Saha ( SCIENCE)

Speaking about collabos, In Uganda which artiste do you dream of doing a song with?

That would be Radio & Weasel and maybe Rema.

What’s the greatest challenge you have faced since you made your musical breakthrough?

Being taken for granted. So many people call me and according to what they say to me, they think am in this industry to sleep with them.

So that is disrespect to me.

How would you describe the effect of the media on your career so far?

I don’t really have the suitable word for that but i would say it has done nothing but promote my music a lot and i really appreciate.


Have you ever read or heard any false story about you in the press? If yes, which one and where?

Ooh yeah…and that was about me and my producer, Nash . They said we are in a relationship which isn’t true at all.

Nash and I are good friends and doing strictly business, nothing more to that.

Which media house was that?

I don’t remember.

Fans and the media have compared you to Desire Luzinda, do you think it’s a fair comparison or you have better assets?

Mbu better assets…Well about that, I think their own opinion but to me, Desire Luzinda and I are totally different musically..For the “assets”, I leave that to the fans.

Some fans think according to your looks, you should be doing urban music, why did you choose that genre?

I will do English urban music too but for now I am still doing Afro R&B because I first want my music to sink into their minds locally.

Before you quit music, what’s that thing you badly want to achieve?

Actually am not quitting music but am looking at inspiring a lot of people especially the single mothers like me that we can still do it without our husbands.

According to you, what’s the best song you’ve ever put out?

Ooww that is Katono Katono. I just felt it and put myself in that situation.

What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever had as a musician?

Ooh i can never forget that moment when i was on stage (Catherine Kusaasira’s concert Freedom City) and when i was still introducing my latest song, some mc just told the DJ to cut it off and told me;”You know Winnie we don’t have enough time left and there are lots of artist waiting so you will do that next time”

OMG !!! I was so embarrassed in front of my fans yet other artists were doing more than 4 songs. I felt so undermined but anyway that’s what we young artists face so I let it pass.  Abo bebantu baffe (those are our people)


There has been various sexual links connected to you and several guys in Kampala, who is the true viewer of your eclipse?

Sexual links? Hmm, anyway am not seeing anyone. Still single and not searching. I need to focus on my career first then that will maybe come as a by the way.

Who is the biggest jerk/bitch you’ve ever come across in your life and why?

Haven’t met any

If the world froze for an afternoon and only you could move and no one could see you or remember what you did, what would you do?

Haha…I must say I have no idea

What’s the weird thing you’ve ever done to someone to get back at them?

My my my…that was snatching a man.  you don’t mess with me

What had that someone done to you?

You know girls…I had a friend (male) and he was hitting on me yet he was my friend’s boyfriend but then I was rejecting him insisting that the girlfriend was my friend, but when the guy was almost accepting the fact, the chic begun accusing me of sleeping with her man, ganged up with some other gals and started spoiling my name everywhere as in they would find me anywhere in public and went on provoking me…

So I was like why don’t I do it and get insulted for a reason and that’s when I accepted the guy and made sure they see me everywhere with him making out.

I can be crazy if provoked but the funny thing is the chic later came to me and apologized so i also dumped her boyfriend, Kati simanyi najaali (I don’t know whe he is) LOL


Who according to you is the most handsome man in Uganda?

Haaa in Uganda…I wish you warned me about that question…I first have to check

If you were to choose one person to be stuck on an island with, who would it be?

That would be my daughter.

Sexually speaking what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done during sex?

**Hides face, asks for a next question, but the snoop insists**

Haha…that was picking up a call

What would be the first thing you would do if your lover caught you satisfying yourself?

I just grab him…LOL, Hug him, and maybe tell him how much I missed him.

If you had to make out with a friend of the same sex to save the world from aliens, whom would you pick?

Would just poison myself and let others save the world.

If you had to have a plastic surgery, what part of your body would you want enhanced more than anything else?

My boobs, I like big boobs though not extremely big.

Personally, do you think size of the whopper matters in reality?

It may not be the biggest point but at some point it does.

If you felt that your boss was starting to get a crush on you, what would you do?

I would just sit him down and we talk about it and discourage him though he’s not that kind.

If you loved a man so much, and one day he demands to open your back door safely, would you give in?

Hell no!!!!

Outside Swangz, Who is your best musician and friend?

Haven’t made any best friend among my fellow artists

What’s the hardest decision you’ve ever made as a musician?

Not staying with my daughter

Any last words to your fans?

I want to thank my fans for supporting Winnie Nwagi and asking them to believe in me because I have got lots of good stuff in stock, am going to feed them with only good music.We are just getting started.

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