Radio & Weasel Thank Chameleone as their Mentor

Goodlyfe crew singers Radio & Weasel seem to have finally matured and put their troubled past behind them.

Chameleone with Radio & Weasel on stage
Chameleone with Radio & Weasel on stage

As a result, the ‘Magnetic’ singers have finally accepted and thanked singer Jose Chameleone as their mentor.

It should be noted that ever since Radio & Weasel broke off from Leone Island to start Goodlyfe in 2008, there has been bad blood between the two camps until last year when they made peace.

In fact, Chameleone was said to be recording a collabo with Radio & Weasel which is yet to materialize.

Radio & Weasel recently came out and heaped praise on the ‘Wale Wale’ singer as an important pillar in both their lives and singing careers.

In their heartfelt post on Facebook, Radio & Weasel revealed that they have decided to thank Chameleone when he is still alive because they don’t want to do it when he is gone.

“We’ve come a long way. Radio and Weasel as a duo started in 2008. We can’t say this journey has been simple, till date we still remain relevant to this industry. Normally many times we forget to thank the people that made us in all aspects; financially, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Today we thank fans and most importantly our mentor DR. JOSE Chameleone like he once said; Basima Ogenze, not we ain’t waiting for that, it’s very important to salute the people that made a difference in our lives and career, we are happy and proud to say you are such an important pillar to both our lives and music industry. ?#?RESPECT!”RICH HEART!” Radio & Weasel’s message reads.

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