Sheebah shoots video while Downloading Poop

She calls it creativity, but these are signs that Sheebah Karungi could be the next singer to win a free ticket to Butabika psychiatric hospital.

Sheebah on the toilet seat

The former dancer and forever 25, Sheebah left her fans in disgust when she posted photos from her latest video shoot, with shocking scenes.

Of those eyebrow-raising parts was where the ‘Tunywe’ singer was pictured sitting in a toilet with knickers swinging between her legs.

We understand she is too hungry for ‘uniqueness’ but this won’t go down very well in Lokodo’s books, and other moralists.

As if that isn’t enough, in the same video, Sheebah is seen puffing on a big cigar as if she is the newest chimney of Sheraton hotel’s kitchen.

Well she was shocked as well! And before the video is out already, it has a disclaimer ‘Parental Advisory, Explicit content’ already tagged onto it.

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