DEAD END! Crime Preventers Not Solution To Crime – Investigator Richard

The newly created controversial crime preventers will never be the answer to criminal acts in the country, that’s according to a private investigator.


The Uganda Police Force has been training civilians to help in preventing criminal acts in the country. They are known as crime preventers.

“I don’t even know whether having thousands of crime preventers on our streets make people feel safer or, possibly, contribute to making them more anxious. Better policing cut and prevents crime,” Richard Musaazi told us in an interview.

Musaazi also says that police should focus more on crime prevention rather than catching Criminals, focusing on would be Offenders, likely victims and Crime hotspots is the way forward.

Below is the full interview

QN: Who is Richard Musaazi?

A: I’m a goal driven person, dad, a career gentleman, a trained and qualified investigator from the institute of private investigation, a BA (HON)Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice student, born in 70s to the late Ssentiba Maaso and Mariam Namagambe In Bakijjulula Mityana now Mityana district.

QN: Would you ever consider joining the Ugandan Police Force?

A:  I’m a professional investigator, we need to change our mind-set, I don’t need to work for Ugandan police to fight crime in Uganda.

I’m trying to create Organizations with an effective approach to cutting crime and to ensure that prison and rehabilitation work better.

QN: As a business owner what’s your view on the Ugandan economy?

A: Listen I’m a Luwero triangle child survivor, but we have moved on, we have the ideas but we need the government to support us.

As a father who loves his kids desperately, when you think about their future, the economy issue is worrying and I would appeal direct to the president to do something.

The only reason anyone is ever hired by an employer, is when an employer believes that the person will create more value for the business than the cost of their salary, benefits and taxes.

Viewed in that way, the only two ways to increase the number of people employed is to increase the productivity of those people employed or to decrease their cost to the employer.

QN:  Uganda is in an election period leading to 2016 general elections. Government is massively recruiting crime preventers to reduce crime.  As an expert how effective are crime preventers in enforcing the law

A: Listening to political talk requires a third ear that hears what is not said, the argument that more crime preventers less crime is hard to prove.

I don’t even know whether having thousands of crime preventers to our streets makes people feel safer or, possibly, contribute to making them more anxious.

Better policing cut and prevents crime. Remember the primary role of the police is to prevent crime.

Police prevent more crime by, targeting crime generators, as well as hotspot locations and individuals who actually have a propensity to commit crime.

Listen, I’m not a politician I studied Policing – the reality is that police forces in most countries operate on reduced budget and will do so in the future.

In the modern age of policing, police officers do more than Investigate and Arrest – They predict.

Preventive policing that’s where the future is, I don’t think we need another law enforcement agency to enforce criminal laws or prevent crime.

QN:   Tell us more about Police professionalism and community policing. How important are these two in crime prevention and investigations

A: The changing crime environment is presenting new challenges and will require a new approach; the police cannot function without the support of the public.


Policing approach that emphasizes fairness and positive interaction is likely to be effective in reducing crime by maintaining and increasing trust and legitimacy.

If you treat people fairly and with respect, they are more likely to cooperate with you, follow your instructions and have respect for the law.

QN:     Some people may ask why anyone would need a private investigator when we have police. Don’t you think private investigators hijack police work?

A: Private investigator is often the last resort for those who find themselves with few if any options. Investigators must be true professionals possessing education, experience and skills.

QN:   Richards’s private investigations use highly technical IT systems for your work. Explain how the systems work. How different are they from traditional investigators

A:   Richard’s private investigations is a unique to the private investigators industry.

We use technology, experience, knowledge and science to solve our cases we are not trying to be like every other company that claims to do everything within the world of investigations and security.

If the problem is beyond our expertise we have a number of strategic partners who we can refer our clients to at no additional expense to us.

In forming RPI my goal was to be the best within our areas of expertise, Surveillance Criminal defense investigations, forensic investigations and corporate investigations.

We operate and functions as a specialized unit of highly educated and experienced professional investigators.

We are often called on upon by law firms, government agencies, corporations, and private individuals to solve the most complex cases and questions.

QN:  When do you intend to extend your skills to Uganda?

A:    I believe there is gap in the market for our services and we will be starting soon.


QN:   Do you have any case studies where you have successfully investigated a murder case and where your evidence has led to a conviction?

A:    Ha ha ha! I can’t comment on specific cases but I will tell you one thing, all of us are capable of committing crime with a proper motivation.

What you don’t realize is that the human mind is a complicated thing driven by emotional and when emotions get higher enough, the best instinct of a human take over and they become dangerous and destructive

QN:   In the interest of solving the recent murder of Muslim clerics, do you think communities are helping the police?

A:   I’m not in position to answer that. But as an investigator, the first thing you do is to determine the cause of death remember there four means of death, Homicide, Accident, Natural and Suicide.

In a homicide case like this one, if an investigation does not produce results within 1 or 2 days the rumors begin.

Any professional law enforcement officer would know this that, there is no way around it, and I guess the police is trying to deal with some of the things that make them unhappy.

Like i said earlier, when crimes occur emotions become judgment, emotions leads to sometimes violence.

I personally don’t think that communities support them enough. Something has to be done.

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