Indian Engineer Killed in Kampala

Michael Fernandes' identity card (Photo by Stuart Yiga)
Michael Fernandes’ identity card (Photo by Stuart Yiga)

Police in Kampala has kick started a man hunt for a group of unknown goons who waylaid an Indian national and killed him.

Michael Fernandes, 55, who has been one of the prominent mechanical engineers in Kampala, and a resident of Mawanda road, about 300 metres away from Mawanda road Police Station, just a stone throw from Kamwokya areas.
The deceased has been an employee of N.C. Beverages Limited, working as; mechanical and maintenance as manager.
According to his neighbour Patel Dipak, Fernandes was attacked at around 11am as he was coming from attending Navratri celebrations, at Rohana Academy, which had been organized by the Indian Community in Uganda.
“We are now leaving in fear; just imagine losing a colleague in such an awkward manner! Had it not to be God’s mercy, even his wife Clara, originally from Andheri, whom he was walking with alongside two others, they would be dead, but the alarm they made helped them to get a quick response from the boda boda riders from the nearby stage, who came to their rescue,” Dipak narrated while shading tears.
He added that by the time boda boda men arrived at the scene to help them, Fernandes was lying down unconsciously and bleeding profusely from his forehead, where he had been hit with an iron bar.
Shockingly, after the attack, the suspected iron bar hits men just fled the scene, without taking anything from either the deceased, his wife or another couple (Gujarati and wife) who were also in their accompany.
Late Michael Fernandes' children
Late Michael Fernandes’ children

“Apparently, we are stuck because we none of us could tell what exactly these people wanted from our colleagues, but maybe, it was an organized hate crime,” Patel added.

The deceased was pronounced dead upon reaching Victoria Medical Centre which is situated few meters away from Mulago referral Hospital, allegedly, due to excessive bleeding.
Meanwhile, Police spokes person, Fred Enanga told Red pepper that, investigations kicked off immediately the incident was reported on Thursday although no one has been arrested yet. “What I want to clarify on is that, that can’t be a hate crime as some international media are reporting because Indians and other foreign nationals have co-existed in Uganda for a long time and we haven’t been getting any complaint in regard to ‘hate’, what I can assure the Indian Community is that, these were just goons who have been disturbing peoples’ peace but our officers are on ground trying to wipe them out,” Enanga explained.
It is however alleged that, now days, iron bar hits men have re-organized in different parts of Kampala city, targeting investors  and local businessmen who walk to their homes in the late night.
It is also alleged that, a group of Ugandan men started following couples and began abusing them on Mawanda road, accusing them of taking away their jobs but the Indians just ignored all kinds of their insults onto them but within a blink of an eye, a gang came from behind and hit Michael on the head and suddenly collapsed on the floor.
By press time, the deceased’s body had been cleared from Mulago hospital where it had been taken for autopsy, and taken back to Indian for burial.
On the other hand, a group of unknown people raided one of the residents in Ntinda, a Kampala city suburb in Nakawa Division on Saturdaynight. Upon getting the information, Police from Ntinda led by an Assistant Superintendent of Police one Taban, swung into action and in the process, the thugs hit the police boss with a hammer before he shot dead one of them who is not yet identified according to Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokes person, Patrick Onyango.

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