Mbabazi says he can’t return to NRM

Former prime minister and National Resistance Movement General Secretary Amama Mbabazi who is contesting for presidency has said that there is no chances of him flip flopping like former vice president Gilbert Bukenya by returning to NRM.

Amama Mbabazi
Amama Mbabazi

Responding to questions and questions received via e-mail, social media, Mbabazi said that what matters are not the individuals but the principals involved.

“My disagreement with the NRM party as it functions now is based on principle. I believe in the rule of law, in civility, in transition of power. NRM today, at least at the top level of leadership, does not believe in or care about those same things,” he said.

He opined that members and supporters of NRM largely do believe in power transition but the top leadership does not. “My disagreement is primarily with that section of the NRM party.”

Mbabazi said he joined politics to serve Uganda.

“I want to be president because it’s time for a peaceful transition and because I believe the way this country is governed needs to change. And in the last few months it has become even more apparent to me that the future of this country is at stake if we don’t have change. Government is ineffective.”

Asked whether there is a contest between his family and the first family, he responded saying that Uganda is not a monarchy with an aristocracy and it does not belong to a group of families.

“So the idea that I’m standing merely because it’s my family’s ‘turn’ is nonsense. Similarly the idea that I’m standing because it’s my turn is just as false. I am not entitled to anything,” he said.

Mbabazi said some of his children are volunteering in this campaign in one capacity or another but they are not in charge.

“I don’t believe in nepotism not only because it’s wrong but because it can deprive those who practice it of the greatest resource: good minds.”

Mbabazi has been using social media to boost his political support. In June, he used social media to declare presidential aspirations.

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