Sudhir Sleeps Like A King

Sudhir Ruparelia
Sudhir Ruparelia

Indian-Ugandans have given the country; a prosperous and very popular image, not only in Africa but also in the whole World.

The aerial view of the plush home
The aerial view of the plush home

This is due to their entrepreneurship and outstanding achievements towards Uganda’s successful economy. First on the list is, the self made- Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia. He holds Ugandan flag high, as the richest in East Africa and the 22nd out of the 50 top richest in the whole of Africa as a continent. Obviously, the pride he carries for who he is, is equally shared by all Ugandans. He has wholeheartedly trusted and invested much in Uganda, and is among the top biggest employers in the whole country, besides the government.

The side view of Sudhir's palatial home in Kololo
The side view of Sudhir’s palatial home in Kololo

Thousands of Ugandans and a few none Ugandans, serve in different capacities in his various businesses which ranges from; horticulture, hotels, real-estates, banking, insurance, Forex bureaus, Schools, among others. His official Multi-billion- residence is situated in Kampala- Kololo, not oversees like other tycoons do. This shows you how proud and confident he is to be part of Uganda. Unlike two recent parties which were separately held at his new Home, Sudhir for the first time came out last week and shared official images of his international celebrity-look-like-multi-billion magnificent mansion.

The close view of the tycoon's palace
The close view of the tycoon’s palace

Most unique about his house is that, it has got an underground quarters, personalized- car- parking, his wife’s, children and for visitors. It also has a state of art-roof on top, which is made of precious stones, surrounded with dozens of solar panels, which keep all the lights active 24/7, including a high technology-distant-day and night high-vision- surveillance security cameras that detect and automatically save data of any kind of enemy, in and around his premises per second. Marbles stones were used as floor-cover-tiles and the whole mansion is partitioned into sections including; the visitors’ VIP section, Rajiv’s section, Meera’s section, Sheena’s section, workers’ section and the main section for Sudhir and his wife Jyostna.

Once you enter in any of the mentioned wings (sections), everything is self contained just like a king living in Palace. The spacious state of art-upstairs-swimming pool, in addition to the beautiful green-rest-gardens, more than two well-stocked bars and the water sprinklings at the entry of the main house, also makes Sudhir’s house extra-ordinary, compared to anyone’s house in the region.

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