Amama PRO Breaks Internet With ‘Nominate Amana’ Gaffe

Josephine's tweet
Josephine’s tweet

Social media users especially on twitter were Monday left in shock after presidential hopeful, Amama Mbabazi’s publicist’s spelling gaffe that many.

Josephine Mayanja Nkangi who is known for her no nonsense nature and neat tweets yesterday posted, “Kyekyo! #NominateAmana,” much to the shock of many. In most Uganda dialects, words that end with m-a-n-a normally insinuate vulgarity.

some of the responses
some of the responses

Her followers on twitter wondered what could have gone wrong with ‘serious’ Nkangi with some saying it was humor needed for the day.

Simo Kaheru, asked whether her tweet pointed to rumors by some people that her candidate may not appear on the ballot and therefore her reason to misspell his name.

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