City Babe Searching for Sperm Donor

A city babe identified as Rhona Nuwakunda recently shocked pals and relatives when she revealed that she is searching for a sperm donor to have a second child.

A screenshot of Rhona's post

Rhona, who also calls herself Nakoowa Roundabout and works with Insurance Company of East Africa (ICEA), made the shocking revelation about a week ago on social media.

“Looking for a sperm donor. Project baby number two is underway” Rhona posted on her Facebook wall.

As expected, minutes after the post, she had already attracted a considerable number of male friends and longtime admirers offering to be the sperm donors.

However, there were those, especially females, who asked her what happened to the previous donor considering the fact that Rhona has a baby who is yet to make a year.

WANTS SPERM DONOR; Rhona Nuwakunda
WANTS SPERM DONOR; Rhona Nuwakunda

“What happened to the previous donor…Don’t you like the product” a one Don Kelly asked.

Rhona responded that, “I love the product! But I don’t subscribe to keeping all my eggs in one basket”.

This is the same babe who a few months back claimed to be out of her apartment six days a week out of seven.

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