Police Grants Mbabazi Permission to Hold Rally at Nakivubo

pamInspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura has notified former Prime Minister who is contesting for presidency John Patrick Amama Mbabazi that he will be allowed to hold a rally in Nakivubo stadium for the launch of his campaign Manifesto on Tuesday after nomination.

In a letter dated 31st October, Kayihura said police has no objection since Nakivubo stadium management has accepted to hold the meeting.

“I refer to your letter 015/10/016 dated 22nd October, 2015 on the above subject matter (launch of presidential campaign manifesto)… This is to inform you that your notification has been received and there is no objection, since Nakivubo has accepted t host your meeting,” the latter reads in part.

Kayihura instructed Kampala Metropolitan police commander to liaise with Mbabazi for purpose of providing security and traffic guidelines.

Posting the acceptable letter on social media today evening, Mbabazi said; “Dear friends, we are still on for nomination day and the rally. I hope to see you at Nakivubo after submission of documents to the Electoral Commission on the morning of 3rd November, 2015.Tusonge.”

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