Pope Francis, Here is What You Should Know about Uganda

Hello Holy Father?

My correspondence is adding up to letter that my friend Mwine Edgar sent you recently.


It was published in Daily Monitor on November 16th, 2015.

Uganda, the land of martyrs can’t wait to welcome you this evening.

We are just counting hours to jam Kampala roadsides to welcome you and celebrate holy mass with you.

To youth like me, it will be the first time to catch a glimpse at a Pope.

However, there are solvable difficulties bedeviling our Pearl of Africa and those who will be dinning with you want them remain obscure to your mind.

Holy Father, It is through these brief correspondences that we frankly get the truth to your mind.

Uganda is facing a leadership crisis.

Most of those vying for leadership positions are after self-aggrandizement without desire to serve the populace that put them in positions of authority.

Presidential elections campaigns are going on.

It is perplexing to see thousands of people who will be up in arms requesting for our votes in the coming months.

In Uganda, an election is like a battle field; you meet gun wielding men day and night.

The ruling party, National Resistance Movement (NRM) recently held elections to choose leaders who will represent it in national elections, but it was marred by violence, bribery, voter intimidation, ballot stuffing et cetera.


It was a sham election. President Museveni said it’s the careerist attitudes (going into leadership as a job rather than going into leadership as a mission) that has flooded the party.

This is the greatest challenge. Holy Father, pray for our leaders.

In April this year, elderly women in Amuru district, Northern Uganda undressed before two government ministers protesting attempts to demarcate the boundary between Amuru and Adjumani districts.

In June, women in Soroti district, Eastern Uganda undressed in public protesting attempt by Soroti University officials to grab their land.

In October this year, police undressed Naigaga Fatuma who was part of Forum for Democratic change presidential candidate (FDC) Kizza Besigye entourage traveling to Western Uganda for a mobilisation rally.

Video clip shows Fatuma under arrest, “dragged on road by police officers, as her blouse and legging were going down exposing breast and genitals  and then lifted onto the back of a police truck” as she fought for her rescue.

Our treasured morals have gone to the dogs. Holy Father, Pray for our country.

As you noted, “a highlight of your visit will be “meetings with the young people” who are the “greatest resource and our most promising hope for a future of solidarity, peace and progress.”

In Uganda, you will meet a vigorous youthful but troubled generation.

The generation is unemployed, underemployed, politically marginalised, fed on poor quality education, receiving substandard health care.

Though in despair state, it is a hard working generation.

Uganda is looking forward to meeting you! Uganda is proud to host you!


Student at Makerere University

[email protected]

Twitter: @Johnblanshe_M

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