Tito out of Jail

Info reaching us from Juba is that Sudanese businessman Tito Tong Aculi has been released from jail.

Tito Tong
Tito Tong

The gigantic dude was arrested early this year in March after he was implicated in the murder of his step brother Osman Aculi last year.

After the death of Osman who was a police officer in Sudan, his mother suspected foul play and ordered police to carry out thorough investigations and all evidence pointed to Tito.

It is said that Tito was jealous of Osman after their father entrusted all his business dealings with the latter.

This was after Tito, instead of running the businesses; he instead started living large partying on a daily basis.

The Monalisa bar owner was jailed after one of the seven suspects pinned him as the master mind of Osman’s murder after he failed to fulfill his promise of getting them out of jail.

Sources add that Tito who now looks a like a shadow of his former self has since embarked on a fattening spree to regain his gangly physique.

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