Tracy Bora Superglues on D’Banj

Celebrated city socialite Tracy Bora Uwera once again proved that her love for Nigerian men is unmatched.

1.Tracy Bora strategically positions self close to stage
1.Tracy Bora strategically positions self close to stage

Having been on the social scene for over six months, the gorgeous dark skinned babe resurfaced last Friday evening and it can be attributed to her love for Nigerian dudes.

The gorgeous mother of three came out of exile and was spotted at Guvnor where Nigerian superstar D’Banj was performing.

Bora did not just attend the show but snoops reveal that she super glued on the Koko master.

Clad in a green over flowing dress, showing off her curves, Bora strategically positioned herself as close to the stage as possible hoping to catch the ‘Scape Goat’ singer’s attention.

Bora’s moment came when D’Banj posed his performance and asked for a Ugandan babe to dance with.

Before he could even finish the statement, Bora was already on stage moving her assets seductively.

RAUNCHY; Bora shakes her assets for D'Banj
RAUNCHY; Bora shakes her assets for D’Banj

The two immediately got busy as she rubbed her ample bottom on the singer’s groin region in a raunchy way much to the delight of the crowd whop cheered her on.

D’Banj seemed to enjoy every moment of the moment as the satisfactory smile on his face was evident.

Bora got more intimate when she rubbed sweat off D’Banj’s bare chest while feeling his abs before the two danced again for over five minutes.

However, the moment, Bora seemed to refuse to leave the stage even when the song he was performing got done.

Bora’s actions proved just how much the veteran glamour gal loves Nigerian men (Ogas) and the long list of her ex-lovers is proof enough considering she has dated quite a number of them.

INTIMATE; Bora wipes sweat off D'Banj's abs
INTIMATE; Bora wipes sweat off D’Banj’s abs

She has dated a number of them including her baby daddy, her ex-finance Prince Kareem and Chinedu Ikoroha aka Chin Cee, the promoter of the Mavado flopped show two years back.

Bora is believed to be off the scene as she was rumored to be struggling financially since she has no man or job to facilitate her lifestyle.

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